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Landing page

This is the landing page for events.danskebank.com.

You are unfortunately not able to access any events from this website. Please check your invitation to get the correct event url.

The format of a correct event url is: events.danskebank.com/"xxxxxx" where "xxxxxx" is either a 6 digits eventid or a name relating to the event.

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About event websites

Event websites

Danske Bank organizes a wide range of internal and external events, where the platform etouches is used for handling communication and registration.

Each event has a targeted audience who are invited by the organizer, e.g. via portal news, e-mail etc.

If you do not know the exact event url, please check with the organizer.

For security reasons, we are not able share any event urls, however we will be happy to try and locate the organizer of the event, that you are interested in.

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Contact information


If you have any questions in connection with events based on events.danskebank.com, please contact:

Pia Zelander
E-mail: pze@danskebank.dk

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Landing page for events.danskebank.com

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