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How To Hack the Circle -

An interactive event about The Circular Economy.

Join SingularityU Nordic Faculty Hannes Sjöblad on Thursday August 29th and others, while we dive into how the world is changing and how to use The Circular Economy to change it. 

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How To Hack the Circle - An interactive event focused on Circular Economy

How to Hack the Circle:

The Circular Economy sees everything as a resource, waste doesn’t exist. In contrast to linear economies, there is a framework that is restorative and regenerative. So how might businesses need to adapt to suit the demands of this framework? How can we combine the social and environmental responsibility, that is at the heart of The Circular Economy with continued efforts to boost profits? How might we design products and businesses with The Circular Economy in mind from the outset? 

Join SingularityU Nordic Faculty Hannes Sjöblad and others on August 29th at WeWork Stockholm where we will discuss just that. 
If you are a Nordic start up working with a circular business model, during this event you can pitch for a spot in batch 3 of +impact accelerator.

+impact accelerator is an 8 weeks long program taking place in Stockholm starting mid-October.

You can read about the benefits of the program of accelerator.plusimpact.io 

You should come if:
+ you are a startup/scale-up interested in or working in circular economy
+ you want to hear from other experts in the field
+ looking to raise capital for this space
+ looking to fund companies in this space 
There will be coffee/tea and light food. 
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All you need to know 


Thursday August 29th 

13:00 Doors Open
13:30 Fika
14:00-15:00 Discussing Circular Economy with Expert Guests:
Mats Hederos, CEO of AMF Fastigheter
Josefine Olssen, Strategy Manager at Accenture
Gustav Wessman, CMO & Partner at Sellpy
Fredrik Karlberg, Country Manger at SnappCar
Jared Fossey, CEO at Made in the Now 
15:00-16:00 Pitches with upcoming Circular Economy companies
16:00-18:00 Happy Hour + Networking

This event is in collaboration with  +Impact Accelerator, Danske Bank, The Hub, SingularityU Nordic & WeWork Stockholm.

There will be a limited availability so make sure to register here!

We look forward to welcoming you.
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WeWork Stockholm
Regeringsgatan 29, 111 51 Stockholm
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How To Hack the Circle

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